"A corporation has no conscience." - Thoreau

UPDATE - The UK government (well, not the government excatly, but a group MPs) have decided to investigate the financing of football. The report is due to be published during February 2004. See the All Party Parliamentary Football Group website for full details.

Football - the game of the common man. Now run by business men. Consider these facts;

I know that you are probably a bit surprised to find these opinions expressed here, but I do believe that a few of the big clubs (and one in particular) are actively moving towards a point where the 'lesser' clubs go bankrupt or can only operate on a part-time basis. But more than that, I think that will not be the end of it - you can now watch Manchester United reserves and youth teams on subscription TV. What next - Manchester United South (Milton Keynes)? This at the same time as Manchester United telling everyone that there should be fewer clubs.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to revolution when the football fat-cats are lined up and given their red cards. Until then you will have to make do with my football links.